The State of Pawn Shop Businesses in 2018

Pawn Shops Pro’s and Con’s

pawn shop hollywood fl

pawn shop hollywood fl

If you have even driven down the street and looked in many area’s there are a lot of pawn shops still.
For me this business is a little bit hard to understand. I mean small credit lined are so easy to get these days it really doesn’t make sense.

I decided to go into a pawn shop in hollywood, FL one day as I was driving by just to see if I could talk to the owner about the business in general.

The place I went into was called Affordable Jewelry & Loan, the owner explained to me that he had been in business over 30 years! I was shocked. To be honest I am the type of person where I really think about different business modelsĀ  and how viable they could be.

I soon learned that pawn shops are still a thriving business. Now in this particular instance im sure his pawn shop being right across the street from a casino helps sometimes.

I walked around his store while talking with him, checking out the types of merchandise they had, there was a lot of jewelry but in my mind I was thinking “doesn’t that compete with the we buy gold guys” I mean I see those commercials all the time.

The True Value in the Pawn Shop Business

I asked the owner about this competition for jewelry and he explained that most of the revenue comes from larger items like boats and cars.
pawn your boat or carI was a little surprised by this as I had no idea you could pawn your car! even your boat! thats crazy to me
but I guess people from all over south florida do it.


Im sure there has to be an age limit or conditional limit so I don’t think they will take anything but I was shocked to learn this.



Selling Guns Knives and Other Weapons is Big Business at Pawn Shops

I thought most people purchased their guns at gun shows or gun shops. i was really surprised to see the amount of weapons and ammo they carried

buy guns and knives in hollywood fl

I thought the collection they had was awesome. I mean I go to the gun ranges myself sometimes. I asked how they were able to sell guns legally
and the owner explained that there is normally a 3 day wait time, however if you have a gun permit then there is no waiting period.


If guns weren’t enough, I mean the amount of ammo was impressive


Guys I hope you found this article somewhat useful maybe for someone wanting to get into the pawn shop trade

As for myself I will continue to analyze business models and post them right here.

Thanks for reading